We are an inclusive, participatory, platform for civil society organizations to streamline and accelerate joint action on social change.

Do you believe that civil society can achieve more by working together?

Are you ready to forge common policy positions with other NGOs and speak with a unified voice on critical issues?

Could your organization benefit from free guidance and support?

If so, join us! There are no membership fees or other costs to your organization.

To become a member, NGOs must:


How does membership work?

We share information and concerns about societal challenges and propose collaborative ways to tackle them. As a member, you can team up with one or more other members to propose a project or activity. If your proposal is adopted by the platform, you will lead a working group, which other members may choose to join, in order to implement it with support from the Common Ground steering committee and staff. Your proposal may be tied to work that your organization is already doing. The idea is not to create more work for your staff, but rather to achieve more by opening your activities to collaboration and benefiting from the support of other Common Ground members and staff.

How are projects or activities chosen?

The Common Ground Director will evaluate each incoming proposal based on its expected impact, feasibility, and the availability of resources needed to carry it out and make a recommendation to the steering committee. Following a consultative process, accept or reject the proposal. To ensure transparency, members have access to specific evaluation criteria.

How does membership benefit my organization?

As a member you enjoy the following:

  • Access to a vast network of civil society leaders in Greece and beyond 
  • Access to timely information and analysis of developments in the local and international NGO spheres
  • Financial and logistic support for carrying out your campaigns within the platform
  • Access to partners and collaborators from multiple sectors
  • Reaching a larger audience with your advocacy messaging
  • Support for strategic advocacy initiatives
  • Οpportunities to initiate and lead collaborative projects

Still have questions about joining? Send us an email and we will happily arrange a time to speak with you.

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    Membership is open to independent civil society groups (nonprofits/NGOs) without any political or religious affiliation. Members must also adhere to principles of social justice; gender equality, non-discrimination, and sustainable environmental practices. Please verify that your organization meets ALL of these eligibility criteria.*

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